Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things that should be

1. Pregnancy should make you thinner, not fatter. I mean, you have another living thing feeding off of you and sapping all of your nutrition. Plus, you have to haul it around for 9 months. You should walk away from labor slightly emaciated with amazing muscle tone, instead of disjointed and flabby.

2. The gas pump total should clear back to zero when I'm done pumping gas. The next person to drive up doesn't need to know that I only spent $3.84

3. Companies should institute paid nap time after lunch every day, and while they're at it, weekly massages too.

4. Negative items should clear off your credit report in like one year instead of seven, because hey, people can change a lot in a year.

5. Target should have a drive thru. Costco too.

6. Kids' extra curricular activities should be free. And they should also have a free, safe transportation system to pick them up and drive them back and forth to said activities.

7. If a show is made available "on demand" for little kids to watch and become obsessed with, then they should make sure that party america or target or anywhere, has the party supplies for said obsessed child's birthday party. *cough*tomnjerry*cough*

8. The audience on "America's got talent" should give respect to every person auditioning. I hate how people get booed off stage. That's so mean.

9. My rent should include a housekeeper, and a new carpet every 6 months.

10. I should go get an egg and sausage mcmuffin.....yeah....that one I can MAKE happen.

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Anonymous said...

there r somethings that we have control over....
and others, none at all.

I guess the important thing is:
to reconize and appreciate all of the good things that come into our lives,and to bear up the rest.