Thursday, July 16, 2009


-We no longer are lugger arounders of the pink potty. It is staying right where it belongs in the downstairs bathroom. There will be no more peeing in the trunk of the car. We had a breakthrough on Tuesday. Caliana and I were at the gym watching Emily's gymnastics practice. About an hour and a half in, Cali says "I wan go home and go potty"
I grabbed her hand and said "no come on let's go" and we ran to the bathroom. She started to resist, but I plopped her on the big potty, and she unwittingly..... went. And then she was surprised, and then pleased. And then she wanted to go again, and then again, and really I got pretty tired of standing around in the bathroom. But if that's what I've gotta do, I'll do it.
At least that one time.

-My dance company is closing. Due to..................can you guess..............the economy. Not enough enrollment. Not enough money. So my dance class is no more and I'm terribly sad about it. How am I supposed to get my hour a week of exercise now? I've been thinking of finding a class somewhere else, but I may wait a couple months. I need to grieve properly.

-My baby turned three yesterday. THREE! That is just so old. She's not in diapers anymore, not in a crib or a toddler bed even. She's just not a baby anymore. I was SO eager for this stage with my first. Yay, all the new things we get to do, that she can do, and shopping together and reading, and extra curriculars and look at all of the toys that are for ages 3 and up that I can buy her. But I've been there, done that, so it's harder now. I'm still excited to watch Cali grow, and get to try new things, but it's still so heart wrenching. I want her to be my baby too.
She gets to start gymnastics on Saturday morning. She's been yearning for it since she could walk. She's spent a lot of time at that gym, but has never got to run out on it's mats, or jump on it's trampolines, or swing on it's bars, or even step beyond the barrier of the gate. So this is huge in her world. I pulled out Emily's old unitards and leotards and we tried them all on her, and she looks so big and so tiny all at once. Please excuse me while I go cry all over my keyboard.

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