Friday, July 17, 2009

red and grey is close enough, right?

We're throwing a party for Caliana up at the lake tomorrow. Complete with swimming, water balloons (maybe), and good food (definitely).
Tonight I have to bake 48 cupcakes and try and smoosh them all together and frost them to look like Tom's head (from tom and jerry, not the myspace guy). I may or may not be sharing a picture of my work on Monday. In fact I may give up and just smear all the frosting together into one big blue grey mass, because I am SO not artistic. But I'm going to try, because it's the only way she's getting a tom and jerry cake.
I will however also be making my delicious salami roll ups and honey-brown sugar pigs in a blanket, which I'd be glad to take a picture of, but you won't get the full effect. I haven't figured out how to translate flavor through a photo yet. Just trust me when I say....divine.
I have to run after work today to pick up red and grey party supplies, because no one anywhere in the U.S. of A. has tom and jerry party supplies. But lucky for me, I work for a graphic design company and they whipped me up an awesome tom and jerry happy birthday banner, so at least there's that.

I think over the next year I'll try and cultivate in her a love for spongebob or barbie or hannah montana. That shit is everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Just an idea:
Did u try 6 flags magic mountain ?

well anyway,,,,u.r. a good mommy,,,
Hope u have a great!!! time......

Brandi M Walsh said...

Hey, Patrick and I went there a couple years ago for a few days. I got totally sunburned at the water park, but we had a blast anyways.

Not real close by for party shopping though.

Anonymous said...

Hey U,

Good point...
just a thought..

Wish I knew of some place eles, but
its been so long since iv been up that way, I know everything has most likely changed.

But again,
Hope all of u have a Great time.