Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wait, don't shoot!

My sister called me from Florida. Her daughter is starting kindergarten this year and she's been having a difficult time getting ahold of the dr's office here to get a copy of her shot records. So I went down there for her. I brought Cali with me. She thought it was neat. She has no fear of doctors.

She hasn't been to one since she was 2 months old. That's when her dr quit her practice. Lo and behold I could not find a single doctor that took her insurance that was also accepting new patients. So I gave up. She's incredibly healthy. She's never had an ear infection or a high fever or anything beyond the occasional sniffles.

But what about her immunizations you ask? The answer is simple. We haven't been doing them. I have 2 friends with sons with medical/behavioral problems. Severe. Both started with seizures. Both are in special schools. And both swear it's because of their immunizations. My other friend's daughter also developed shingles after getting the chicken pox vax. That was enough anecdotal evidence to give me pause.

Now I know that there are no proven links, and I know that immunizations have all but eradicated many diseases in our society, but I also know that there is a fund set up for families of children damaged by immunizations. What's up with that?

I've tried "researching" but there is just so much "he said, she said" and I really don't know where I stand. Autism vs. Polio. Ya know?
It's a lot like the debate on circumcision. Most people have very very strong opinions, based on what they've done personally with their own children. But, on that topic, I can just go with my instincts as a mother. It's a lot less complicated.

So, immunizations have been on my mind a lot lately. She only has 2 more years until she starts school. Emily and Damien got all of their shots and they're fine. I feel she probably should be immunized, but I'm thinking I'll space them out and skip a few, like chicken pox.

I've set up an appointment for her to have a check up next week, and I'll talk with her new doctor about it. I'm not looking forward to Cali changing her views on doctors though.

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