Monday, July 20, 2009

Bits of a day


I can admit now that I was a little concerned about how she might act in a "structured" setting with a stranger for a teacher and all. After all, she's only ever been to her grandma's house for daycare and is now home full time with Daddy, so no preschool or anything to prep her. Plus, she JUST turned 3.
However, I'm pleased to announce that she did wonderfully. She jumped right in like she'd been doing it for years. Enthusiastic is an understatement. She was go go all the time. Front of the line, I can do this thanks. And at the end, she said "I want to do that AGAIN!"

Here are a few not so great pictures. Btw how cute is it that she's wearing Emily's old unitard?


Since I couldn't find tom and jerry supplies anywhere, I decided to decorate in red and silver. The party store I went to was out of the silver balloons in the small package, so I was like "I NEED silver balloons, I can't do just red, that would throw off the entire thing!" So I bought the giant $8 bag of silver balloons and decided we could use some of the extra for water balloons.
The thing is, Patrick was supposed to decorate and fill up the water balloons while I took Cali to gymnastics and then went home to make my pigs in a blanket and separated the hamburger into patties.
Turns out we couldn't fill up the water balloons at the lake because of a water shortage or something, so Patrick sent all of the children with me, so they could do the water balloons while I cooked. There were a few problems with this scenario.

#1 He sent all of the balloons home with me, so he had none to decorate. Waste.Of.Money.

#2 The kids could fill the water balloons, but they couldn't tie them. I tried to teach them. They are dysfunctional. So I cooked, and every 10 seconds I stopped, wiped my hands on a towel, and tied a balloon. I dropped no less than 3. I was wet, the kitchen was wet, and the kids were soaked. But we had water balloons, and it was fun.

The Banner

The banner was perfect and underappreciated.

The cake

The cake was an unexpected delight. It turned out much better than I imagined it would. I was stumped at first. What could I use to build a 48 cupcake tom head on? SO Patrick took a large picture frame and covered it with butcher paper, but then I was like "um, it has to be able to fit in the fridge" So then he was like "why don't you just use one of the fridge racks?" and I was like "you're a flippin genius!" So that's what I did and it worked perfectly.
Caliana LOVED it. She kept wanting to go look at it in the fridge.

Here's a quick video of the attempt to blow out the candles. I had to covertly help out, because she can blow, she just can't aim.

This is the beauty of a cupake knives, no plates, no forks, no serving. Just have everyone dig in.

I made everyone stop halfway through so I could document the mutilation of Tom.

The guests

We had a really good turnout and everyone seemed to have a good time. Lots of smiling.

The husband

Was awesome. He set up. He cooked. He cleaned up. I really recommend getting yourself one of these.

The girl

The girl turned 3. The girl swam. The girl ate a little food and a lot of cake. The girl got lots of presents and played with her friends. The girl had a wonderful time, even if she doesn't show it for the camera

The girl got worn out. Turning 3 is tiring.

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