Friday, July 10, 2009

Yes, I do like pictures, thanks for asking

If I had started this blog way back forever and 3 years ago before my baby was born, I would have subjected you to the photos I had taken of her monthly. I didn't do this with my other kids, but thought it would be fun this time. Granted, Emily did have her fair share of studio shots, but that's because I worked in a portrait studio during her first year. But it wasn't done in the supremely organized manner that Cali's were.
Now, just because I didn't have the forsight to start this blog sooner, doesn't mean that you should have to miss out on these photos. I know you're dying to see them. Wait! Don't die yet. They're coming up. Just hold on.......

One month. She was born with all of that hair. It covered her entire head. The staff at the hospital said they'd never seen a "caucasian" baby with so much hair. She slept through her entire first photo session, which was fine with me. This is exactly what she looked like at one month. Sleeping. All the time. Except you know, at night.

Two months. That background looked much prettier in person. In the photos it reminds me of custard. Like baby in a pie. But look at the tiny little bow on her elbow, and she's smiling. It's not easy to catch a two month old smiling on camera.

Three months. I paid a LOT more for these pictures than for the other months, because they brought in "special" backgrounds and props. Insane amount of money really, and I never signed up for another "special sitting". But the remarkable thing about this picture is that my baby is 3 months old and standing! Yes, I'm holding her hands, but just wow. Cool huh?

Four months. I loved these shots. The red was just so BOLD. And so different from the muted pastel-ey colors we had previously done. The studio actually used this picture for their Valentines Day display. I think they liked the ginormous bow.

Five months. Her outfit just happened to match this background almost perfectly so we went with it. I love this shot. I learned a long time ago to love serious faces, because the EYES! My god, I can die on the spot.

Six months. This picture marks the end of the headband era. Her hair was just getting too long for them to work right. Not that it's not a little bit crazy here, but hey, you try styling a full head of hair on a six month old. They still lay down a good amount of time. Makes for some crazy bed head. Also, most of the photos around six months, appear with a pinkish ring around her mouth, because she was in full on drool mode. She stayed in that mode for a good while.

Seven months. I had to do something with that hair! This month marks the emergence of the pigtails. Not that you can actually see them on that black background. That would be the only time I would use black for her shots. Plus with the black pants....she looks like half of a baby with no hair.

8 months. One of my favorite sittings. You can really grasp the full effect of the pigtails here. And the dress. It was very spring-y and feminine. I couldn't pick just one.

9 months. She's looking more like a toddler and less like a baby. Please note the bruise on her forehead. She loved to stand up and pretend she could walk, which resulted in many carpet crashing face plants. It was around this time I started calling her "monkey".

10 months. And the hair comes down. Three pigtail months in a row, seemed like enough. This was my least favorite of her sittings. She sogged her shirt up good before we went, and something about the rustic crate....I just wasn't feeling it. But look at that smile.

11 months. This sitting made me forget all about the 10 month mess. She had a red nose from yet another face plant, but I adored it anyways. The chair, the outfit, the high pony, and the personality! I remember viewing these photos for the first time and thinking, oh my god, she looks like......ME!

By her one year photos, she was like "hey people I got this! I'm a model from waaaaayyyyyy back. You want variety? You want personality? No problem. Just don't forget to sign the paperwork with my agent."

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