Monday, July 13, 2009

Mommy's helper

I woke up early yesterday. Early early. Like 4am early. Cali was crying. I was just about to drag my half asleep self from bed when I heard her calm down and start talking. She shares a room with Damien and he had woken up.

C: Damien I pee my bed *sniff*

Instead of saying "Go tell mommy and daddy" he says

D: Ok baby, come on

Then he takes her to the bathroom (in between their room and mine) and runs a bath. He helps her undress, helps her in, calms her down and rinses her off.

I lay in bed, torn. Should I get up and relieve him of this duty. I'm the parent after all. But on the other hand, he's handling it well. It's good for him to help take responsibility for his baby sister.

Eventually I got up because I hadn't heard anything but the water running for a few minutes, so I had awful images of him having gone back to bed or something and the water overflowing and.............her left alone.

But no, he sat quietly on the toilet, the water was only half full and he had a towel all ready for her.

D: Oh, hi mom, Cali wet the bed, so I was helping her clean up

Me: Ok, so you got this? Want me to get some clean jammies for her?

D: sure

I got them for him and went back to bed. I try not to look at in terms of my own laziness, but more as a favor for Damien's future wife. Right? Right.

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