Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Photography is magic. A moment in life, frozen, captured on paper, held there for eternity. If I were granted 3 wishes, one of them would be that my entire life would be held somewhere on film, that I could go relive any moment I choose, remember details that time forgot.

This is the oldest photo I have of my husband and I together. It's not even a real photo. It's a printout from a black and white sketch photo booth at chuck e cheese. Bought for a dollar. We were 21. It was taken more than 10 years after we met. 7 years after our first kiss. I'm not even looking at the camera. But he loved that hat. A moment. Details. Magic.

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Anonymous said...

So very intuitive of u,,,

I myself also hold great stor in photographs,
For sometimes;
it may well be, all we have.
of course our memories...