Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I may have to start going to Starbucks

Every morning I stop at the Chevron near my work to pick up a cup of coffee. On Monday, when I went to pull into the driveway, I noticed weird guy's car parked at the pump. You guys remember weird guy, don't you? Weird guy encounters #1 and #2. I didn't want to have encounter #3 so I drove past the driveway and pulled into the Valero station next door. Ha, aren't I clever. I'll just get my coffee over here today.
I park at the pump and am almost to the door when it opens, and out steps.....weird guy. The look on his face is "hey!" and the look on mine was probably somewhere between "deer in headlights" and "oh shit".
I tried not to make eye contact and breezed right past as he yelled "good morning" to my retreating self. So much for my clever avoidance.

Today, I went back to Chevron. There were no cars in the parking lot, so I was safe. Got my coffee. Chatted with the cashier for a minute, and head back out. And who is parked right behind me. Yeah, him. I walked straight to my car, get in and buckle up, and there he is, at my window. I don't roll it down, but it is cracked a little, so I hear him when he says "Hey, don't you come here every morning?"
"kinda" I reply and put the car in drive.

"Ok, bye!" he yells with his hands up like I threatened to run him over. I thought about it, but that would probably make me late for work.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful Bran:

There r alot of nuts out there,
and they r not all in tree's.

might be a good idea to change up ur routine. maybe just a little.

something to think about.
stay safe...