Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday party season

Yesterday completed 4 birthday parties in 2 weeks. Whew, that was a lot of cake. I think I gained a few frosting filled pounds. I'm wearing my "forgiving pants" today though, so I can't really tell. Denial, it's the treadmill that we love to run our lives on.

This party was for my niece Jasmin, who is now entering the "two zone". She has a 6 week old baby brother, so all I can say is.....Good luck Jen.

It was a rather laid back party.

I made Emily my photographer for the day

Which is why there are zero pictures of her. But I was busy, busy sitting on my butt and hanging out with this fellow

Can you blame me?

You know you'd do the same, just look, with the cheeks and the precious and the fingernails!

I did get manage to grab a shot of Cali with her grandpa though

Happy birthday Jasmin! We love you.

Don't drive mommy too crazy, and kiss that baby for me!

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