Monday, June 1, 2009

Grace not required

I had dress rehearsal on Saturday. It went alright. We were missing a few people and my shirt didn't come off super easily in the "ripping the shirt off" part. What's that? You want to buy a ticket now? It's not that kind of show. I'll be wearing another shirt underneath, ha!
Barring those few things though, the dance part went pretty good. Just before though, as we were making our way out to the stage, things got a little hairy.
The director led a few girls out a door marked "stage right". My experience with this theater I had always used to "stage left" door. So I stood undecided for a few minutes. Just long enough that when I eventually did try to follow them, they were nowhere in sight.

If you've never been backstage in a theater, let me tell's dark. Very dark, and confusing. There are stairs, ropes, equipment, narrow passageways.....

I followed the stage right sign, and found myself in a dark dark narrow passageway. Hmmmmm, I guess this could be the way....*step* where's the ground? Not there, and I'm falling, and falling. I landed on my right wrist and right hip, and my left leg stayed 4 feet up..... on the "stage?"
I'm actually lucky I didn't break my leg. It now sports a lump and a baseball sized bruise.

I hopped back up, dusted myself off, thanked my lucky stars that I was all alone, and went back the way I came. I went out the stage left door.

After our rehearsal we were approached by a woman who had watched. She told us we "were amazing and so inspiring, and wow, how long have we been dancing?"

I smiled and thanked her, and didn't mention my bruised leg.


mitzi said...

nice move

Anonymous said...

yeah well My kids are smarter then yours and my tong taste like two day old mud pie made with the drippings of an old deepfreezer haha
your pretty yeah prettyhot nana

Anonymous said...

gFirst of all: Good job Brandi
and, I'm so very glad that u were not hurt any more seriously in the fall.
And Secondly: Remember Not to take to heart that old adage;
(break a leg)