Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Model material

Ok, I may be biased because she is my kid after all, but Emily could totally be a model. Not that I would ever do that to my kid.....OK I had her evaluated once, when she was like 3 and they were all like "oh yeah, she'd get tons of work, she has that classic American girl sweetness about her" but they wanted us to pay for head shots and representation and I started thinking.....maybe not such a good idea, and her dad totally was against it.

But my point is, I take each of the kids to get their pictures done once a year around their birthday, and then we do family shots at Christmas. And out of the four trips to the studio, Emily alone is by far the most painless. She knows how to pose, she knows how to smile.

Evidence.....Emily's 10 year pictures.


Anonymous said...

So much like her mother...
and, the resemblance is uncanny.

It's easy to see the love,and pride
that swell with-in ur heart.

Sheree said...

OMG she is a little model. She is so beautuful just like her mommy.

We went camping at Lake New Hogan-haha