Monday, November 17, 2008


Patrick and I were having a conversation about books last night and he estimated he's read about 75 books in his life (in his adult life?) I'm not exactly sure which he meant. Anyways, there is no possible way I could figure out how many books I've read. I am never without a book to read (at least not for very long). I'm a reader, always have been, love it, get lost in it, would be lost without it, kind of dork-ity bookworm. I even used to sit under a tree and read a book at lunch in high school. Only sometimes. Ok, forget I told you that. Please.
I have a few favorite authors, I know you don't care who they are, so I won't even mention them, but I was perusing the shelves at Safeway to see if these authors had released anything new. No luck, but I did need a book to read, so I scoped the bestsellers, and #3 was "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. I had heard a few reviews from friends and saw a couple obsessive secrets on, so I thought what the hell.
I read it in one day. It was surprisingly good. Sort of an "interview with the vampire" for the next generation. I went after the second book in the 4 book series and was a little embarrassed to find it in the "teen fiction" section. But I've been known to read Emily's books on occasion when really bored, so whatever. Finished the second book this weekend, and once again, really well written. Easy read, and very emotionally suspenseful, with a fair amount of action.
So there, you have my recommendation for whatever that's worth to you. I'm going out to get the 3rd book, and Patrick and I are going to see the movie of Twilight next week on my birthday. I hope the movie is well done. I really really hate when a good book is ruined by a very crappy movie. The previews look pretty promising. I'll let you know my opinion. I know you'll all be hanging on the edge of your seats waiting.

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Billjwalsh said...

Hey there friend good to hear your on the 3rd book it is a litle slower than the other books in the series at least it was to me, but have no fear the fourth book is great. As for the movie I have already seen some of the trailers and there are a few devations from the books thats just hollywood for you. Well hope you enjoy the last book and Have a great time on your B-Day. Happy B-Day in advance.