Friday, November 14, 2008

The neverending quest

Every Friday night the kids and I get a pizza and we sit at home and watch a movie. This week I decided to get The Neverending Story. Great movie, and my kids have never seen it. So I added it to my Netflix queue, bumped it to the top (so I thought) and even remembered to mail a movie back on Wednesday so we would get it in time. Well, yesterday I got my email telling me my movie was sent out, but OMG, it's not the right movie! Panicking I rushed to check my queue and damn it, I bumped it to #11!! Not #1! #11! How could I be so stupid. What will we do now?? How will we survive a blunder of this magnitude.

UHHH, watch a different movie? Right I know that's what you're thinking. I am just too stubborn for that. Once I get a plan into my head I HAVE to make it happen. I'm no quitter. At lunch I dug through the bargain bin at Walmart for a good 20 minutes, and then found the spot on the shelves where it WAS, but they were all gone. Hop in the car, zip over to Target. Wasn't there either, but I did find some cute shirts for Damien for Christmas.
So now here I sit, in panic mode. But, I have not yet tapped all my resources. I will find that movie by tonight!
If Atreyu can save Fantasia from the nothing, then surely I can find a single movie. Best Buy and Blockbuster here I come.

Happy Friday everyone!


Billjwalsh said...

I can't belive that wal-mart didn't have it did you check the movie sets cause I rember seeing part 1,2,3 as a set but it is usually at the end of the displays by the T.V.s. Well I hope that you do find the movie Would hate for the kidos to miss out on such a great movie.

Brandi M Walsh said...

Blockbuster saved the day!