Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Pretend for just a moment that you're a 6 year old boy. Got it? Can you feel the energy flowing through you, flowing allllll through you?? Good, then you've got it. You're sitting at the dining room table, probably waiting for someone else to get you some food because all this energy is not to be used for mundane tasks like pouring cereal. Ah, what is this? A pencil. A pencil just sitting here on the table. You must do something with it, what can you do? Hmm....you tap it on the table a few times...oh, you got a good one. You can lay it on the table with half of it sticking off the edge. Then, you gather your strength, harnass your energy and karate chop it so it flings all the way to the kitchen. YES! That was awesome! You rock! You are the awesomest 6 year old boy in the world!! Repeat, repeat....repeat repeat repeat!! Alright, you're getting a little tired of chasing after the pencil. After all you haven't had breakfast yet....where is everybody? You're still holding the pencil in your hand and in front of you is the largest piece of paper you've ever seen!! Ok, it's really just the table, but whatever, close enough. You start drawing, doodle doodle doo, this is fun, but you're getting hungry now. You go see if anyone is coming yet....nope, back to the table. Crap! There's drawing all over the table! You're pretty sure that's against the rules. Your parents voices echo back from your memory...
"where do we draw? We draw on paper!! Not on walls! Not on furniture! Only on paper!!"
What to do now? It's there, it's done. You do not want to stand in the corner. Think think think.... Aha!! Inspiration strikes!! You have a plan. It is such a great, devious, foolproof plan. After this, no one will ever suspect it was you!


Later from the corner, you make a mental note to find out just exactly how to spell Emily.

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Billjwalsh said...

almost had it, way to go kid. I think my nephew is getting the finer points to being a boy thing down. LoL.