Monday, November 3, 2008

Okie dokie

And now we're back, recovered from Halloween, recovered from the weekend and all ready to settle in and just have a nice day at work, except crap, I have Damien's parent-teacher conference today. Please keep all fingers, toes and other appendages crossed. He's very smart and not a bad kid, but his behavior is not always conducive to the requirements of a learning environment. Hey, just trying to prep myself for the teacher-speak.
I lost my glasses this morning. I wear them for reading so having them for work is a must unless I want a monster headache by 5pm. I had already sent the older kids out to the car, but I NEEDED my glasses so I spent the next 15 minutes searching the house. I asked Caliana if she knew where they were and she led me to the downstairs closet. Nope, no go. Thanks anyways tot, go back to your cartoons. I eventually gave up and went out to the car. I moaned to the kids "you guys, I'm totally bummed, I lost my glasses". "Oh, I have them mom, here ya go, I bent them a little, they were in my pocket." I was too relieved to be too mad, but Damien can now tell you exactly how much my glasses cost. See what I mean about the behavior thing-y.

And now for your viewing pleasure, Halloween.


Leah said...

Just showing some love and letting you know that I read! :)

Brandi M Walsh said...

Yay! Love ya Leah!

Billjwalsh said...

Hey sis great job on all of the costumes. Kudos big time on the Salior Moon costume though. I'm sure it probably brough back some good memories for some of the parents that got to see your work of art.