Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've started a new entry a few times today. One appropriately titled "Oregon trail" which had clever little quips about that old computer game....remember back when only the really rich kids had computers at home? I keep getting distracted by work, and other demands and then my entry is lost and now here I am starting over yet again. Although, my time here in front of this screen is limited. I'm needed many places today and it's almost time for me to leave you.
We're leaving at 4am tomorrow and driving our tiny little car packed with 5 people and a whole lot of crap 6-7 hours to Oregon. Today, on my list of things to do:

-go to the DMV and pay my registration
-load new songs and games on Emily's Ipod
-charge Emily's ipod
-borrow my mom's GPS because some assmunch stole mine
-remember to check the mail so I can bring "Home for the Holidays" with us on our trip (my "must see every single Thanksgiving" movie being delivered by Netflix just in time)
-take Emily to cheer practice
-remember to print out mashed potato recipe for Thanksgiving
-clean out the car
-go to dance class
-laundry, yeah seriously
-pack enough clothes, diapers, games, and various other entertainment to keep us entertained for 4 days in the COLD country....cold for us anyways
-and have it all loaded in the car and ready to go at 4 am

So, I'll miss you all. I won't have access to a computer untill *gasp* Monday, so I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I'm sure I'll be stir crazy by day 2, so Call me. Although my phone probably doesn't work way up there. Nevermind.

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