Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cranky pants

Today sucks so far. I guess that's not saying much considering it's only 9am, but I just feel like whining. I got to start the day off with a big fight at home, but none of it was my fault. Whatever, you don't know. This is my version, I can tell it however I want. Big fight....all his fault....and ....and....my camera is broken.
I bought a nice new camera in May, and the next month while on vacation, it was stolen. I was distraught, and spent money I didn't have (remember I just got back from vacation) to replace it, and now the stupid thing won't turn on! I could cry. I can't not have a camera.
Who's gonna take Thanksgiving pictures and chopping down the Christmas tree pictures, and setting up the Christmas tree pictures, and here we are all dressed up for the Nutcracker pictures, and oh god, Christmas morning! and all the other 20 billion pictures a month I take of the little punks that live in my house.

I'll be back when I'm done wallowing in self pity.

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I think your beautiful