Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Friday, oh yeah, shake your booty!!

Yeah, I'm in a good mood. It is Friday baby! Which means I can stay up as late as I want tonight and won't be sitting at this computer bitching tomorrow morning. It also means pizza night, drippy, greasy, CHEESY pizza...........uhhhhhh, slobber.

When I wrote that post yesterday, I forgot one more child truth that is oh so depressingly true. Sex. It is much much harder to find the time (and the privacy) when you have children. First off, you are so damn tired once all the kids are actually sleeping, that you're all about it, but only if the other person is doing all the work. This doesn't work out too often.
The other thing is the kids are everywhere, in your space, in your face, up your butt and wrapped around your legs. It is so hard to get a minute alone.

This morning all children were eating breakfast and the husband and I caught each other's eye, and he headed upstairs. I quickly followed, stifling my schoolgirl giggle, so as not to alert the children's radars that we were leaving the room for five damn minutes.

2 minutes later there is some pissed off toddler knocking on our bedroom door. We made her wait another minute, and then unlocked the door. She stormed in with a scowl, shouting "MY TRYING TO WATCH MY SHOW!", turned on our tv, and planted herself on the floor.
Oh well, 3 minutes, that's what you get when you're a parent.

All you non parents, forget the "screw you" from yesterday. Instead, screw each other, hurry while you still have a chance.


~Karley~ said...

Why do in 45 minutes what you can do in 3 anyways, right? HA HA HA!! :)

Carolyn said...

Hey, 3 minutes ain't too shabby! :p