Friday, November 21, 2008

See my grin....see it?

Well well well, look who's back from crankyville. I was too upset to write yesterday. Sorry, I know you were all ready to slit your wrists from the disappointment. It's just been a crummy week. But, it's Friday now, I'm listening to 80's pop, anticipating cheesy pizza night and I'm ready to put all that misery behind me.

So, OK, I have major news! Like, oh my god, you will never believe what happened at school! The boy Emily likes, totally had his friend tell her that he likes her too. Can you even believe it? Wow! She's stoked. And Damien has been writing love poems to his crush in his journal. Aww, Love is in the air. At least for the kiddos. All my adult friends are currently fighting with their husbands. Love is great, relationships....not so easy. Ok, no, we're not going there. This is 80's music, cheesy pizza, annoyingly happy day.

OOOH, you guys want to hear something really weird. Emily is not picky when it comes to food. She loves her some good food. But she is extremely picky when it comes to sweets. This is a partial list of desserts that she just does not like:

-whipped cream
-most popcicles
-caramel (I KNOW, OMG!!!)

Seriously something is wrong with that child.

Ok, that's all the cheeriness I can bubble out today. Peace out.

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