Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby J

I became a mom 8 years before my best friend. Those of you that are parents know that staying friends with your pre-baby friends, when you have a baby and they don't....isn't always easy. In fact I had 3 kids by the time Jen had her first. Not that I can blame her, it's not like she waited a real long time....I just started early.
2 years ago she had a beautiful baby girl. Jasmin Michele (the Michele part is after me *proud grin*). I was thrilled for Jen to join me in the mommy universe, and our baby girls are less than a year apart.

Yesterday, Jen and her husband Justin welcomed their second baby....a boy this time. Jayden Kirchner was born at 4:04 pm, on the 4th, weighing 7lbs, 4 oz. Looks like 4 is his lucky number!

I stayed up until almost 1-o-clock last night, and my hands are cramping like crazy, but I finished his blankie! Talk about a procrastinator. In my defense though, he was more than 2 weeks early.

Is it just me, or did it turn out a little navajo-ish?

I spent a few hours with my new nephew this morning and now I'm all baby-head-smell-drunk, and daydreaming about tiny fingernails and wrinkly satin baby skin.

Congratulations you guys!

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mitzi said...

ohhhh he is beautiful, tell jen i said congrats yeahhhh