Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend- Part 2

After my adventure from the previous day, Sunday morning was like a long lazy yawn. I came awake slowly, there was a tiny monkey balled up next to me on the bed, the morning spring sun just starting to stream through the trees outside my window. I contemplated an early church service, but decided, why ruin the morning with an agenda and especially, a time limit.
Patrick and I sipped on coffee and cooked together. Breakfast burritos, I do the eggs and meat, he shreds the cheese and fries the potatoes. We make a good team.

Later in the afternoon I took Cali outside for a little bit. It was pretty hot out and the sun was killing my sunburn through my jeans, but it was worth it. She's finally learning to pedal the awesome bike she got for her birthday last year. But I think her favorite part was helping the neighbor fix his truck.

Emily had a friend come over to spend the night and the plan was to take them to see Night at the Museum 2. Cali was to stay home with Daddy, but she knew we were going, and at the last minute it seemed cruel to leave her behind. So I took all four kids. Yes, four kids. I'm an optimist, can't you tell?
We made a pit stop at the store for candy because I refuse to pay four dollars for it at the theater, especially when I need a variety of choices to bribe the 2 year old with to stay quiet until the end of the movie.
She did pretty well, except she wanted to sit in my lap instead of in the booster, and as I may have mentioned before, we're potty training. She's doing remarkably well, except for one teeny tiny little minor drawback. She won't use a regular sized toilet. Only her little pink potty, or the one at grandma's is ok.

I believe this is a result of an incident that occured on one of her first days using the potty. She was with daddy at McDonald's and they went to the bathroom. He had her all situated on the toilet, when the stall door opened behind him. He turned around to close it and in that moment, she...............slipped. Now she won't go near the things.

We're nearing the end of the's getting, I wonder what's going to happen......

Cali says "mommy, I wan go home, go potty"

Oh shit.

"Baby, we can't go home yet. Do you want me to take you to the potty here?"

"NO! My wan go potty at my house!"

She's getting a little frantic now, and I'm not about to sit and have this discussion in the theater, and I'm especially not keen on the idea of her peeing on me, so we head to the bathroom. We walk in and I'm immediately met with resistance.

"No, no no, My wan go potty at my house!"

I carry her into the nearest stall and start the reassurances. It's ok, mommy will help you, it's a good potty, want mommy to go first?

So I sit, she cries, and we both pee. Me in the potty, her on the floor. I clean it up and now I just feel horrible for her. Poor girl didn't want to pee in her pants, but she's just afraid. Afraid of that big potty. And who could blame her. Imagine using a toilet where your feet aren't even close to touching the floor and you could easily just fall right inside. No thanks.

So I got her changed just as the movie was ending, and then I had to corral corral corral, because the older girls had to go to the bathroom, Damien wanted to play on the escalator and Cali was trying to win something on the "impossible, pick up a stuffed animal with a tiny claw for a dollar" game. We finally made it downstairs, outside, down the sidewalk to the parking garage and into the elevator. They fought over who got to push the button and then Damien thought it would be such a great idea to kick the orange julius that someone had discarded on the floor. It splattered all over Cali and me. As disgusting as that was, I'll take it over getting peed on any day.


Benjamin said...

I have a phobia fix that may help with the "big bad potty". It takes me less than 5 minutes to run on grown adults, and makes me feel like a kid. I'll have to email it, with slight modification to Levi.

Brandi M Walsh said...

Awesome, thanks!