Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy are the small things

I've been given a gift. I just discovered it yesterday. It was there all along, but I didn't know it. It's a magical button on my camera, that allows me to change the size of the picture that I'm taking. Before I found this button, my pictures would take a few seconds each to upload, and then I would go and manually resize each one, to 20 percent of it's original size. But now, they upload in no time at all, at exactly the size that I wish them to be. It's so magical. I feel as though I've found a genie, or a unicorn or a magic well, and been granted a wish.
Now, it would have been nice if I had discovered said button BEFORE our Disney trip....400-ish pictures later.....but it's ok. That's behind me, and we're looking ahead now.

There are other gifts in my life.

Like these girls. Resplendent in their bold summer colors, a sparkle in their eye.

The sun shining, and my boy, ready for summer adventures

Little monkey, helping a loving daddy fix the bikes

The bond of those two, oh it kills me, if I think of it too often, my heart will blow a gasket

There are freckles.

This one has a few

This one is sprouting more every day

There are big hugs, and stripey pants. Oh but I do love the stripey pants

And lastly, there is MONKEY BREAD. Sticky. Cinnamon-ey. Monkey Bread.

Life is Suh-weet!

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