Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random encounters of the ..whatever

This morning saw the return of the weird guy. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, refer to the second half of this post:

He spotted me just as I came out with my coffee and rushed over.

Wg: Hey, have I met you before?

me: *stupidly* uh, yeah I think

Wg: You're really pretty, did I get your number?

me: No. I'm married

Wg: Hey, well, bring him too

me: I have to get to work now

Wg: Ok, be sure to buckle up, some ASSHOLE COP GAVE ME A FUCKING TICKET for not wearing mine, and I was like what the hell dude are you just FUCKING BORED or something.

me: *a little scared now*, um well, I always wear mine, but thanks. *slams door*


A little later I had to run a quick errand at the bank. Things were going well, the teller was friendly, it's a beautiful sunny spring day. One of Emily's classmate's mom works at this particular bank. She walked by and said "Hi" so I said "hi" back. I explained to the teller that our daughters go to school together.

She looked at me, nodded, and said

"Yeah, aren't you Dan's kids' mom?

Ok, this transaction just jumped into the awkward zone.


"we dated for a little while. How's he doing?"

*coughlosercough* *doesn'tpaychildsupportcough*

what I really said though was "the same, lives with his sister, doesn't work...."

I don't remember ever meeting her, but apparently she remembers me....

I don't even live in a small town either. We're talking hundreds of thousands of people here. I think I'll hide out in my office for the rest of the day.

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