Friday, May 8, 2009

blahhh- g

Everyone in my house is sick except me. They're a big group of coughing, sniffling, nose blowing lunatics, and I am exhausted. I am so so eternally grateful that it's Friday, but I really wish it was actually Saturday. Yesterday afternoon I picked up the older kids and took Damien home. I was just about to head out to take Emily to gymnastics when I got roped into bringing Caliana with me. I think her and daddy choreographed it before I got there.
So, it's hot, and I'm already cranky anticipating 2 hours at the gym with a half sick two year old, so I decide to run through Arby's for some curly fries and a diet dr pepper because grease and caffeine always makes life better. Except I get into the drive thru and they have a sign up that says their credit card machine is broken and I only have like a dollar and some change on me, so I cussed a lot, and only got the drink. Cali slept, and sweated on me for the first hour and a half of Emily's practice and whined for the last half hour.

This morning is not going much better. I'm not sick per se, but I think I'm getting worn down anyways. My nerves are definitely shot. Patrick is sick, and it goes a little something like this...."cough, cough, hack, haaaaackkkk, spit, sniff, cough, spit, groan....." and it makes me want to rip my ears off. I stomped around my room trying in vain to find something, anything to wear. I wanted desperately to just wear my sweats, but that's a little too casual, even for Friday. Someone put Patrick's pants away in my drawer, I couldn't find the shirt I was looking for, then I couldn't find the pants I was looking for, then I couldn't open the closet because someone put a damn chair in there! So I move the chair and then I still can't open it because the freakin door fell off the freakin track and I just sat on the floor and cried. Ok, not really, but I was close. Thiiiiiiis close.
I finally found something to put on, and went downstairs to usher the kids through their morning. 20 exhausting minutes later I discover that Cali has smeared peanut butter all over the front of me. I flip out and run around looking for the diaper wipes while my poor sick husband is going "cough, I'm sorry baby, hack, spit, groan"

Finally we get out the door and the kids haven't eaten yet since we're out of milk and we're out of cereal and we're out of everything and I can't find 2 minutes to get to the store, so they get good old Mickey-d's sausage mcmuffins.
I drop Cali off first and when I come back outside, I find my son sitting on the roof of my car playing his harmonica. It's funny, it's random, but all it does is ratchet my impatience up a couple more notches, and I'm tempted to drive off before he can scramble back inside.
We get to the school and I'm like "Get out, get out, get out" except oh no! Emily has a field trip today and she forgot her permission slip and now she's not going to get to go, wahhhhhhhh. Emily, go see if you class is open, and get one!
"it never is, wahhhhhh"
Except today it is, and I sign her permission slip, with a highlighter, and then on the way to work, I discovered a 12 inch hole in my beautiful silk shirt, so I'm now wearing jeans and a black tank top. I should have just worn the sweats. But, I got my cup of coffee for free, and now I'm at work, and I

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