Wednesday, May 13, 2009

oh my quirky girl

I walked into the kitchen on Sunday and caught Caliana in the fridge, with an egg in her hand.

"Caliana! Get out of that fridge RIGHT NOW!"

She immediately took on a look of exaggerated wariness, like "Whoa dude, chill, I was just "talking" to your girlfriend, no need to go all ape shit"

Except really it was like "hey, yo mom, just "talking" with the egg here. Just wanted to know if it'd rather be scrambled or fried. No harm done"

Kids and eggs, there's a fascination there somewhere. There have been multiple egg incidents in the past....I won't even get into the time that Damien tried to hide one in his pants, in some "david copperfield" attempt. No suspense here, it broke.

Back to the scene at hand though, she placed the egg gently back in it's place, never taking her eye off of me, lest I jump her from behind and chew on her jugular.

Then she says to me with eyebrows raised and hands up in appeasement "Sorry mom.....sorry I hurt your feeeeeelings"

Damn she's a lovable monkey.
I just got her this shirt.

And someone asked me "so, you like AC/DC huh?"

"Uh, yeah sure, they're cool. Mostly I just like five dollar shirts. Cali likes it though. She calls it her ABC shirt, as in "MOM! I can't get my ABC shirt off!"

She's potty training right now. Doing pretty well at it actually, and everytime she actually goes, she has to do the toddler thing and get way excited and show us. But the thing she does that really cracks me up is she thanks me. She pees and says "thank you mom!"
I'm not quite sure what she's thanking me for, but I'm like "no dear, thank YOU."


mitzi said...

thats really cute

Anonymous said...

Your a good Mom,but i dont think i need to tell u that.(insert big smile here.)