Friday, May 15, 2009

Her other birthday

10 years ago, today was my due date. I know it's not the actual day she was born, but it's the day you repeat over and over for 9 months, the day you're counting down to, the day that takes for-ev-er to get here, and then it passes, and nothing happens, and you're all like "what the hell? This was my DAY!"
Still though, forever emblazoned in my mind. MAY 15th! D-Day!

On that day 10 years ago, when it seemed no baby was about to appear, her dad and I went to Scandia Family Fun Center and played mini golf. We had a bet going that if I won, the baby would be a girl, if he won, it would be a boy. I won, HA! I bet Emily's happy I practiced my putt.

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Anonymous said...

U did real good,,,