Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday etc..

I have been following the Weight Watchers point system since Wednesday and it is hard, but I've already lost a pound so I think I'll stick with it for awhile. I'm 15 lbs from my pre-Cali weight and I am determined to get there. My wardrobe is mocking me and I just won't take it anymore. Clothes shouldn't be so snarky. They need to be put in their place.

I'm in a great mood today, even though my purse strap broke just as a I left the house and then after I put Cali in her carseat, my hair got stuck on the "dry cleaner hook" in the car and I squealed like a little girl. I think I'll go buy a new purse at lunch.

Caliana is experimenting with names and nicknames recently. She's taken to calling us Bandi and Pachick when she's talking about us to other people and she's started calling everyone "Honey" (which she picked up from me) and it is absolutely adorable! I fall all over myself every time she does it.
Here she is with her uncle Noah

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Mine is going to be fabulous, because I command it to be so.

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