Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Long weekend

I took yesterday off because I went to a concert Sunday night out of town and we stayed overnight. It was a Christian rock concert, which I don't typically listen to, but the show was simply amazing.
We got all the energy and power of the music and the fans and musicians with none of the drugs, egos, bad attitudes, etc. that you usually see at concerts.

Everyone felt so connected and just....happy. It inspired me. If only I could hold onto that feeling for a month...a week...a day..
but it's so hard.

I was really feeling the demands of life last night when I got home. I was excited to see the kids, but didn't really get to BE with them. Emily had to rush off to gymnastics, dinner needed to be cooked, Caliana needed a bath. Patrick and I talked for a bit after dinner, and we're just both feeling in a rut right now. Everything feels in limbo. I know this too will pass, but I don't like being in limbo dang it!

Some Highlights of the weekend were:

-I ate out a lot and didn't blow my weight watchers diet
-We stopped at the IKEA store on the way home and stayed for like 2 hours
-I discovered Diet Dr Pepper doesn't taste much different than regular
-Patrick borrowed an original nintendo from his brother and I played Super Mario Bros. for like an hour last night
-Noah won this thing from those claw vending games, and once again we can't figure out what the heck it is, so yeah, any guesses, leave a comment.


Missa said...

so who did you go see?

Brandi M Walsh said...

We saw
Jars of Clay
Robert Randolph
Third Day