Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why Thursday is my least favorite day

By Thursday, the week already seems to have lasted 40 years, and big bummer, it's not even Friday yet.
Not sure why, but I've been in a blah mood all week. Probably a combination of money stress (both home and work) and the change in weather (from 90's to 70's). I actually like the cooler, fall-like weather, but I guess it can still mess with your psyche.

Last night I was plumb worn out. I tried putting Caliana to bed without any of the normal bedtime stuff....and she called me out on every thing I missed.

"bath mama?"

No sweetie, you can take a bath in the morning

"Book mama?"

Not tonight baby, I'll read you two tomorrow

"Kiss Hug daddy?"

Daddy's still at work, he'll kiss you when he gets home. Lay down now monkey-girl, want to hear a song?

"Mama, you seep my bed me, you Tye-owed mama"

That's right baby, I'm tired....maybe just for a minute.

Sweet baby, she forgives me.

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