Thursday, September 4, 2008

Money Money Money

They say not to let your life revolve around money....but I'm an accounting manager, what can I do? My whole job is about money. Everyone wants it, no one wants to give any. Everyone is struggling these days it seems. Work stress is easier to handle though, it's not my money, they're not my bills, and I get to walk away at 5:00.
Money at home is a different matter. Don't get me wrong, we can pay our bills, but things are definitely tight this week. I expected my refund check from the pilot academy tuesday or wednesday. At least the dashing of my dreams comes with some money back. Unfortunately, my check got missed and now it won't be sent untill the 12th. Big bummer considering we're running low on groceries, diapers, dishwasher soap and other essentials. I just may have to do a little borrowing this week...something I haven't had to do in awhile. Yuck.

In other news, Emily is starting the clarinet today. She is way excited. The school holds a lottery to determine which kids get the limited number of instruments that are available. The rest of the children have to get their own. I find this terribly sad, because there is bound to be at least one child who doesn't get to play because of money. Thankfully Emily's Aunt Jen still had her clarinet and was happy to pass it along, so we're all set. All I need to buy is a reed, and some earplugs.

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