Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sheep assassin on the loose

I started this blog for myself mostly. I wanted a place to write and to document my life, and I'd read a few blogs recently that had inspired me. And it is great for those reasons, but I've come to find that a blog serves another, greater purpose. This world is seriously weird, and sometimes we encounter some strange happenings, when no one else is around. And people, some of that shit just needs to be shared with anyone who will listen....or read as the case may be.

I live in the wine country in Northern California. Sound kind of pretentious? It can be. It's one of the most expensive places in the country to live, so there is definitely no shortage of Lexus SUV's driving around. However, we're also not far from San Francisco and Berkeley, so there is a fair share of what I call the "granola crunchy" population. You know the kind, they wear only organic cotton, never shave their armpits, and drive around with bumper stickers that say "Earth first, we'll screw up the other planets later" and "grow your own dope, plant a Bush"

A few days ago I was behind an SUV with the license plate VGN MOM
My first thought was "virgin mom?" How is that possible? Maybe she adopted? Maybe she's a stepmom? Haha. Ok it took me a minute but I finally understood, Vegan mom! Aha! This woman is paying $50 a year to flash her dietary choices at us. Good one. Do I feel bad riding behind you eating my egg and sausage Mcmuffin, no, sorry, I love me some pig and chicken.

This is all pretty typical for this area, so I was quite taken aback (to put it lightly) when I was behind a truck on Friday that had a license plate frame reading "Eat Lamb, wear wool"
What. The. Hell.
This woman obviously has a vendetta against the woolly population. All I can gather (get it? Wool...gather. I know right? Where have I been all these years?) is that her family are sheep farmers and she's trying to drum up more business. Either that, or she has a psycho hillbilly husband with a ewe fetish and she's trying to eliminate the competition. If the latter is the case, she should be more clear and just have it read "Support monogamy, Shoot a Sheep"

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