Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Potty mouth...sorta

I think I'm developing Tourette's of the mind. When I'm stressed or in a hurry and my thoughts are racing, I start spewing random obscenities to no one in particular. Things like "Eat a cock, you fucking dick hole" and "Bite me you carniverous twat" erupt from my brain with absolutely no forethought. Thankfully I'm still able to control my mouth for the most part and just release an occasional "hole" or "twat". I think the profanity section of my brain has a leak.


We're one month into the school year and Damien's teacher sent me a note that says "Please call me, I think Damien could benefit from seeing our counselor." Perfect, 6 years old and we've already screwed him up. I think I'll blame Emily, there's only so much Care Bears one little boy can handle.
In all seriousness, he has dealt with some serious stuff in his young life and I'm sure he could benefit from talking to someone. I approved it. But if anyone asks, I still think it was the Care Bears.


Emily is trying out for world's biggest drama queen. We keep a behavior chart for the older kids at home (I know, very suburban of me isn't it?). They can earn stickers for good behavior throughout the day and when they get to 100 stickers they get to spin the reward wheel (this was all Patrick's idea, I think he secretly longed to be a game show host). So Emily reached 100 last night and we let her give the wheel a spin. Her prize? She gets to go out for ice cream. Yay! I was going to take her to the mall for it, and maybe even shop around a little. You know, mother-daughter bonding over credit cards. Ha!
She got the most disappointed look on her face, and went straight up to her room. 10 minutes later I go to check on her and she is having a full out "Veruca Salt" tantrum complete with feet kicking and huge heaving sobs, because "that is the ONE that I DIDN'T WANT!"
Psh, now you get nothing Veruca. Spoiled much?

On a happier note, my dance class went pretty well last night. I think I'm figuring out the whole booty shakin' thing.

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