Friday, September 5, 2008


Yes, I am SO thrilled that it's Friday, even though it's only noon, and I have mounds of laundry and a plethora of other chores awaiting me at home, I can't wait to start my weekend. For some reason, all of the vendors looking for money think Friday is a great day to call me. I hate the phone.
I had to dress up a bit today, though Friday is usually my "dress like I just rolled out of bed" day. Patrick and I have a hot date church. Woohoo! Cost us $20 which isn't bad for a night out, except I just found out that we don't get dinner with that (and I'm not counting on any beverages of the alcoholic pursuasion either). So what do we get? Dessert, live music, and a speaker? Looks like we'll be wolfing down a pizza before we go, and possibly a bottle of wine. Even if it sucks though, at least it will be a couple hours alone with my hot hubby, no kids in sight, and an excuse to break my diet and have some dessert.
Back to my outfit though, I'm wearing my favorite pair of black slacks, which despite my recent weight loss, is developing a hole in the seam of the inner thigh. Fabulous, like anyone wants to see the pasty, cheesiness of my inner thighs. Ok, it's not really that noticeable, but I can't help but wish I kept a sewing kit at work, so I could go sit my thong wearing behind on a cold toilet seat in the bathroom and fix my favorite pants.


Damien's dr called. His blood tests were normal (which is expected right now), but turns out his Hep B vaccinations did no good and he shows no immunity, so we get to go in on Monday and get him a booster. Poor boy. At least he's not afraid of needles.

As for Emily and her extra curriculars, turns out we need to buy more than just a reed for her newfound love of the clarinet. We need to buy at least 3 reeds, a music book (who knows how much that will cost), a one inch black binder, and a pencil? Like specifically for music? Geez, when did band become so complicated? Not to mention, she has to tally all of her practice hours and I have to sign off on it. Bwahaha, we all know who's responsibility this will end up being. Because, while my oldest is incredibly smart, outgoing, talented, etc... she's also very blonde, and the expression most often uttered from her lips is "I forgot"... She was most definitely never an elephant in a past life.
She forgot her backpack at home, she forgot that her homework was due tomorrow, she forgot that flossing is what you do after brushing.
This morning as I was dropping her off at school I asked:

"when is the next time you have band"

She replied "today"

Puzzled, I said "you didn't bring your clarinet"

Her response "I know"

Hey, at least it wasn't "I forgot"

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