Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is my favorite month. For a combination of reasons really. It feels like the beginning of the holiday season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday are all on the way.
I love Halloween, the spookiness, the decorations, the costumes, the excitement, the candy.
I love the fall weather. It's not exactly cold here, but it just gets a nice little crisp in the air.
October is also a special month in my relationship with Patrick:

October 1995- We shared our first kiss at the skating rink (we were 14)
October 1999- First time we jiggy with it (18)
October 2002- He convinced me to leave my abusive relationship with Dan and be with him forever *heart* (21)

In celebration of this wonderful month, I'll be posting a different Halloween picture from past years with each post.

To start, here's one of me at 17, I was 2 months pregnant with Emily

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Sheree Belardes said...

OMG you look soooooo young.