Thursday, October 9, 2008


This post will probably not make much sense. I can't seem to gather any coherent thoughts together this morning. It's Thursday, my most hated day, BUT it's actually been good so far.

- My scale read 2lbs less than it did yesterday
- Caliana actually slept all night in her bed
- Which means I got a full nights sleep and woke up on time
- Which means I wasn't a crazy raving bitch all morning
- Which means the kids actually listened and got ready on time
- Which makes us all happy

Damien actually said this was the best day of his life when I was dropping him off. For no reason in particular. Amazing how my mood affects everyone so profoundly. I am so very important.

And because I'm so important, I'll post another Halloween picture of ME

I was 16, and my best friend Jen (sorry Jen I had to do it) was 14. If you don't know what we are, your childhood was lacking.

I'm Maleficent and She's Aurora (in the BLUE dress thankyouverymuch) from Sleeping Beauty (homemade costumes...aren't we precious!)

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Sheree Belardes said...

hahahhaha I love the pic!