Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trying to be content

I have a good job (not doing what I want to do) and make decent money (which is all gone the second I get paid), we have a decent (small) home (that we rent for way too much money) and I should feel good about all of that. I really struggle with it though. I want more, I want to own my home, I want more space, I want a second car, a bigger car, more more more more, now now now now, mine mine mine...

At church right now, they're talking about being content with what we have and not make money and stuff so important,and IT.IS.HARD. I love stuff. I love giving my kids stuff.
I make the median income for my neighborhood and I know there are others struggling and losing their homes, and losing their jobs, and feeling absolutely hopeless. The grown up side of me knows that and sympathizes and is thankful for all I have.

But the selfish kid in me is throwing tantrums all day long

We might have to use clothes we already have for Christmas pictures *foot stamp*

I might have to buy Nutcracker tickets in the balcony section *stamp stamp*

And just what if I don't get a Christmas bonus this year!! I might have to spend only like $50 on each kid!! *gasp* *stamp stamp* *kicking and screaming*

Ok, I'm done. I'm trying hard on the perspective thing, for real. I am, stop looking at me like that.


Costume pic of the day:

Cali the bunny 15 months with grandma: