Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's almost lunchtime here in sunny California and all I've consumed so far today is a cup of coffee. Some of my coworkers were discussing the Halloween potluck we're having here Friday and now I am so ravenous I want to take a bite out of my keyboard. I'm gonna go get a sandwich in a minute *with no damn mayonnaise or cheese thank you very much fucking weight watchers*, but first lets talk about food a little bit more.
I'm making salami roll ups and rolo cookies (thanks Alissa) for the potluck which were both requested of me by other coworkers. They're some of my potluck die-hards. So tell me about yours. Leave me a comment with a recipe if you're so inclined. Do you make something special for potlucks or are you a bag of chips, case of soda kinda participant.


Oh, and I just realized I totally forgot to update you all on Damien's blood tests! They came back clean thank god! Thanks for the prayers.


Costume pic of the day, Damien 20 months, little punkin

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Alissa said...

so glad Damien is all clear! and glad you like the rolo cookies! I love them too