Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grown up talk

Damien and I were riding around in the car the other day having deep philosophical discussions about politics and the meaning of life and exactly how many more days till Halloween. And amidst all of this he told me he's decided now for sure what he wants to be when he grows up. More power to you little boy, I'm 27 and I'm still not sure. Anyways, I know you're dying to know, my son is going to be a doctor, a cop and an engineer. Now that's what I'm talking about!
Of course, I'm a realist and told him that as he gets older he's going to have to pick just one of those because most jobs want you to work like 8 hours a day. He was none too pleased with this information. He knows he's at school for 6 hours a day. His response:
"Wow, now I know how hard it is to be a grown up"

Yes son, now you know, I am vindicated. Being a grown up is hard. I wasn't making it up.


Remember Emily's complicated costume that I'm making? It required a short sleeved white leotard, which sounds easier to find than it actually is. We finally found one at a dance boutique that was actually her size and I swooped on it. She was checking it out in the car later and glanced at the price tag and promptly had a cow.


Yes darling, why so indignant, I did it all for you.

"Yeah Em, that's what things cost, I spent $30 on your boots. Remember I told you it's not cheaper to make your costume"

"Geez, now I understand, they should be called Rip Off Rodney"

Indeed. $17 for a leotard, who ever heard of such a thing.


Costume pic of the day
Emily, 2 years old, Aurora (store bought for $40 in case you were wondering)

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