Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am a murderer

A few months ago, my darling husband bought me a plant for my office, just because he loves me, awwww. He knows I have the furthest thing from a green thumb, so he tried to give me instructions on how to take care of it. And I tried to listen, and I tried to do it right, but this plant just didn't like me. It didn't want me for an owner, it acted in strange ways just to mess with me.

*side note* - Yes, I have 3 children. Yes I can care for them and they are happy and healthy. Even as babies, they would tell me when they were hungry, I would feed them, they would stop eating when full. I kissed their cutie little cheeks and cootchie cooed them and they thrived. Easy peesy.

Plants are complicated!!!! I need water, but not every day, but if you don't give me water I'm going to flop over and look pathetic and then you give me too much and I'm going to grow freakin mold!! How about some sun lady? But no, not by the window I might burn.

I hate you stupid plant!!! You're ugly and you make my life complicated! You're dumb and lame and I'm glad you're dead! Ha!
This is guilt rage.....I'm really sorry Hunny, I tried. Maybe next


I'm cheating today because this isn't a costume picture, but it's damn cute anyways. Emily, 2 1/2.

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