Friday, October 24, 2008

picture mania

I like to snap pics of my kids in the car. What can I say. they're strapped down and can't get away. Yesterday I managed to get this one,

before my camera was snatched out of my hand from some unseen nemesis riding behind me. Since I was driving I let it go and Damien took pictures for the rest of the ride. Here's a small sampling.
Self portrait

Can you see her freckles?

Peace my brother

Yeah, she's picking her nose

I guess he liked her shoes

If you point the camera at someone long enough, you'll get weird faces

See what I mean?

Ok, enough already

Fine, I'll take more of myself

Look at the nice weather we're having


And Halloween pic for the day, Emily 6 yrs old, Rainbow Brite,
Don't worry, Rainbow Brite always looks freaked out like that.

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